The Rich Hands


The Rich Hands are a three-piece rock-n-roll outfit hailing from San Antonio, TX. They bring an infectiious mix of 50's rock n roll and 60's pop with just enough fuzz to keep it interesting. They've got something on their mind, and they're gonna tell ya...

The Rich Hands are:
Cody (Guitar and Vocals), Nick (Drums), and Matt (Bass)

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Kenny Tudrick


Kenny was drumming by the age of eight, by the age of nine he booked his first gig at the elementary school. By seventeen, it was time to split. Alone in his '78 Chevy big block- a Phillipshead, some duct tape, a razor his only emergency equipment, the teenage Tudrick looked westward, challenging himself to survive and adapt.
    The youngest son of a Glasgow-native mother and a Canadian father who expatriated to the states to become a United States Marine during the Vietnam War, Tudrick's impulse to see the country that would draw his father from his roots was more than a road trip, it was a pilgrimage. Finding himself a long way from home, he immersed himself in his job, traveling from towns like Lindsey, Oklahoma, Mitchell, South Dakota and Fresno, California. The teenager would spend months living in one-room apartments, many times without a phone. He remained on the road for three years, filling his days with blue collar labor, coming home at night to an empty room and a guitar.
    "That's when I manned up," Tudrick explains. He remembers the seclusion well and how it fed the scary-but-somehow-obvious notion that music was what he had to do with his life. He left Detroit as a drummer, but came back a multi-instrumentalist on a songwriting tear.
    Upon returning home, Tudrick was aggressively sought after, working with a lion's share of the early aught Detroit garage rock revival outfits. He did studio work on future gold and platinum records while touring and working on his own music. Years of experience with bands, both his own incarnations and those he was a member of, contributed to the ideas, melodies, bridges and refrains that resulted in this loosened freshet that is his double album, each song more beautifully crafted than the last. This debut is a love letter, a look inward, a rally cry and a mea culpa. It's a fully formed recording steeped in high musical tastes, Americana, gorgeous singing, masterful musicianship and deep, low down emotion.
    The songs range from acoustic finger-style to soaring compositions. Breaking free from ego-centricities with a rarified raw honesty at times, Tudrick is positively Steinbeckian. The whopping 19 tracks are an unusual amalgam of masculine energy and compassion. He is a man who has seen life, for better and for worse, uttering phrases like, "All I ever wanted was to be fine...," he is a man who has fallen in love, and you can hear it.
    Despite its complexity, the double album was created entirely by Tudrick himself (save for a couple piano parts) in his living room and kitchen. He approached the production the same way a band does. Sans irony, he created various characters for himself- "Jimmy Treehouse" a standout- to cull together the final heartbreakingly impressive piece of work. Now KT's debut album, out of "...the shadows they are real...", shines. 


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The Sights


Hailed by critics and fans alike, The Sights continue to build on an incredible legacy of uncanny blues-rock-power pop. Famed typhoon of rock and roll energy Eddie Baranek (guitar/vocals) is joined by Gordon Smith (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Skip Denomme (drums) to deliver incredible songwriting and electrifying live performances.

With 2010’s “Most of What Follows Is True,” The Sights have achieved an unprecedented level of song and studio craftsmanship. In an era of soulless keyboards, drum machines and Autotune, The Sights respond with thrillingly catchy songs. No gimmicks, no studio trickery – just rock and roll from the heart. The Sights combine the unobtrusive honesty of The Band with countless slivers of influence from their own personal record collections: Ike & Tina, Solomon Burke, The Everly Brothers, Bob Seger, Tim Hardin and all manner of raucous, infectious songwriting.

Raucous? Infectious? That pretty well sums up The Sight’s live shows as well. It’s a rocket-ride that has been experienced by countless audiences throughout North America and Europe. The Sights have shared the stage with some best in the business: Robert Plant, The Dirtbombs, Sloan, The Datsuns, The Donnas, The Bravery, The Kills, etc…

The Sight’s precocious ability to blend frenetic garage rock with 60’s pop and create something equally classic and catchy has garnered consistently rave reviews from both the both sides of the pond. NME wrote “(The Sights are) a revelation – a treasure trove of sparky and wildly immediate songwriting” while Rolling Stone commented “at last – a new Detroit-garage band that comes in colors.”

It’s part of an impeccable track record that is rooted in an immaculate Detroit pedigree: a half-century of some of the world’s greatest music with great contributions by The Sights. Starting in the summer of 1998, Baranek fronted evolving line-ups through 2000’s “Are You Green?,” 2002’s “Got What We Want” and 2005’s self-titled “The Sights” – all recorded at Jim Diamond’s (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs) Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.

If you love the melting pot that is American rock and roll and if you love – really love – passionate songs that fire your imagination and move your ass, then you are going really love The Sights.

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St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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The Rich Hands



Instant Party


...From Detroit, Michigan. Sometimes they play. Sometimes they don't.

Instant Party is:

Blake (Drums), Josh (Bass) and Kyle (Guitars and Vocals)




Ohio Knife


Ohio Knife is bombastic rock n' roll. No bushes were beaten around in the making of their new EP, "Ohio Knife is OK!" Jason Snell's raspy, two-toned vocals and trashy guitar using off-the-beaten-path tunings may be the driving force for this sonic onslaught — but that truck's pulling a full load of ass-dropping drums and enough booming organ and fuzzed-out electric piano to make you lose a filling. Like keyboardist Andrew Higley says, "Who needs a bass player when you got a left hand?"

Snell, Higley, and drummer Joe Suer played together in two of Cincinnati's indie darlings: Readymaid and The Chocolate Horse (TCH). TCH produced three albums, developing in both depth and number of band members. Meanwhile, Higley moved to Nashville to work with folks like Brendan Benson, The Greenhornes, Ben Folds, and The Jim Jones Revue.

Now Snell, Suer, and Higley have decided to get together again, this time stripping their sound to bare-bones, bare-knuckles rock. “It’s time to get to the root of this evil thing called rock and roll, electricity, it summons these spirits,” says Snell.  Their garage-inspired rendition of the blues classic "Going Down" wastes no time telling you what this band is about. Put it on and see if your record player doesn't melt. Great things are to come from this sharp trio.

Ohio Knife is:
Jason Snell (Vocals and Guitars), Andrew Higley (Keys and Vocals) and Joe Suer (Drums and Vocals) 



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